I’m Tom Thorogood and I live in Adelaide, Australia. My earliest memory of a computer was playing Lemmings on a bulky computer running either Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, I can’t remember which. I can still remember the elation at getting a new computer with Windows 98SE. Since then I’ve dabbled in everything from electronics to cryptography.

My first experiences with programming took place in the world of Visual Basic. After this early trip(-up) I taught myself C# and PHP. Subsequently I’ve taught myself a dozen or so programming languages, my latest acquisitions being Go, and a smidgen of both Rust and C++.

You can find my open source code and contributions on GitHub, and you can find me elsewhere around the web (usually) as @tmthrgd.

Email: me@tomthorogood.net

Any enquiries are welcome, just send an email to the above address. I’m also available for sincere offers of freelance web development work or more general programming.

If you have need to contact me securely, things are a bit tricky these days, but email me and we can try and figure something out. I no longer use PGP and don’t accept encrypted email.