Data, data, everywhere

‘Federal agencies reported a staggering 25,000 data breaches in 2013, and foreign governments and hackers have repeatedly penetrated federal systems – the White House’s network being the latest.’

That’s the United States Governments track-record on computer security. Now consider that Tony Abbott wants your internet and phone companies to store every detail about every call, message and internet connection you make – including your geographic location – for two years. If we manage the track record of the US Government you can expect your data to be stolen by identity thieves, cyber-criminals and foreign governments a whopping 50,000 times. That is only if we can master security as well as the Americans.

As we have learned from the AOL search data debacle, or the German MP who requested six-months of his telephone meta-data and handed it over to a news site, meta-data is revealing. The six months of meta-data allowed the site to track his movements throughout the entire six month period (with the exception of small gaps) to precise locations.

So if you enjoy any of the following, a) privacy, b) security, c) your identity, d) democracy, you must exercise your rights (while you still can 😟) and contact your local MP (in fact contact as many as you care too) and stress to them just how important it is that we Stop The Spies and protect our vital right to privacy.

Quote taken from The Government is in Pursuit of a Less Secure Internet, the American Civil Liberties Union.